Thursday, June 24, 2010

Today's Lesson: Awesome Foreign Music. (Part 1)

So, today.. I wanted to talk about songs I used to listen to all the time. Before I discovered My Chemical Romance, I only listened to JPOP/JROCK... Confused? It means "Japanese Pop" & "Japanese Rock." So yeah. Pretty much every song I listened to was in a different language, but this helped me to learn what Japanese I do. Yeah, you could say a lot of the japanese I know is lyrical, but whatever. Its really interesting to listen to music from a country that you're not from. Now that I listened to American Pop on occasion I have noticed the similarity, but I like the Japanese pop better. LOL.

So, that's what I will show you guys today. ^_^

First we have a song called, "Rinbu Revolution" which means "Round Dance Revolution." Its sung by Okui Masami, and its from the anime "Revolutionary Girl Utena," one of my favourites. This song is so good. My favourite lyric of the song is the last line. In Japanese it says, "Watashi wa sekai wo kaeru" which is "I will change the world." I like it.

Next we have a song from the same anime. This song is called "VIRTUAL STAR Hasseigaku" which means "VIRTUAL STAR Embryology." I like the musical part of the song, but if I had to pick my favourite line, I would say... "Saranaru enkan mugen ni hatenaki. Hitotsu no yuuki teki na kikan, Hitotsu no eikyuu undou souchi," which translated is, "Further circulation, infinitely everlasting. A kind of organic engine, a kind of perpetual motion device."

The next song is from the anime (I bet you're seeing a trend, yes.. I am a loser.) Neon Genesis Evangelion. The song is called "Zankoku na Tenshi no TE-ZE," which translated means "The Cruel Angel's Thesis." I think my favourite line is "Shounen yo shinwa ni nare!" which means "Young boy, become the legend!"

Next is from "Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi" the song is "Treat or Goblins" by Megumi Hayashibara HEARRRRRRRTTTTZZZZZ. I love her. I'll have 2 more of her's on here too. This song is a lot of fun. I can't pick a part I like the most. All of it is amazing.

Let's continue with Megumi-sama and start with the opening theme for the anime "Slayers NEXT" which is called "Give A Reason." My favourite part is from the chorus; "Here we go! Go! Hashiri-tsudzukeru. Dare ni mo tomerare wa shinai. Mirai no jibun e to... Give a reason for life todoketai" which translates to "Here we go! Go! I'll keep running. I won't be stopped by anybody. I wanna get along... Give a reason for life to the me of the future."

This song is probably my most favourite of any song I have liked in my entire lifetime. Every part of it is amazing. The lyrics, the music... I love it. Its from the anime Saber Marionette J. The song is called "Successful Mission" and its performed by none other than Megumi Hayashibara. My absolute FAVOURITE part is "Ayasuri-ningyou na mainichi no naka de ZERO to mugen no hazama wo mayotte-iru. Karamata ito wo tachigiru chikara wa kimi no kokoro no naka ni mada nemutte-iru" which means "Day in, day out, like a puppet on a string wandering the void between Zero & infinity. The strength to sever the tangled strings still sleeps within your heart."

I hope you enjoyed this. I shall come at you with a new part soon. ^_^

xx Laurie.

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