Monday, June 14, 2010

"Did you ever know... that I had mine on you?"

Final Fantasy VIII. God I love that game. A lot of people really seem to not like it, due to its strict love storyline. However, that's what I love about it. I don't care too much about the main character's love interest with the female lead. It's his father's relationship I like the most.

His father, as hinted in the game, is Laguna Loire. Laguna was a soldier for a huge army, but what he really wanted to do was be a writer. He wanted to visit the world and write about what he saw. After meeting his favourite singer, the female lead's mother, he was shipped out to Centra, a far away continent. After getting into a freak accident, he was wounded and found by a kind woman by the name of Raine. She took him in and nursed him back to health, and in return he helped keep the town clear of monsters. While he was living there, he became quite fond of Raine, and the little girl she had taken in named Ellone. He and Raine tended to argue quite a bit, but she could tell he really cared about her and Ellone. One night, they had an argument... Raine turned to go back to her house, and Laguna grabbed her hand, pushing a ring onto her finger. She stared at the metal ring on her finger, before lifting her hand and smiling at Laguna. He lifted his hand as well to show a similar ring. She hugged him tight. Laguna had to leave the town, but told Raine & Ellone that he would be back. Raine, who was pregnant at the time, gave birth to their son, while Laguna was gone. She died in childbirth, calling for Laguna. Ellone, being a child at Raine's time of death, was taken with the baby to an Orphanage ran by Edea & Cid Kramer. Laguna returned to the town, unable to find Raine or Ellone. He had found out that Ellone was taken to the Orphanage, but when he arrived there, Edea told him that Ellone had been taken by Esthar soldiers under the order of Sorceress Adel. He went to Esthar to save Ellone, but was captured. He helped the citizens that formed the Anti Adel group seal Adel forever, but since he wasn't paying attention, they nominated him as President of Esthar since Adel was the ruler.

I could go on.

His story with Raine is just so romantic. I cried soooooo hard when I saw their parts in the ending. If you haven't played Final Fantasy VIII I definitely recommend it. ^_^


  1. I LOVE THAT GAME. Actually I love all the Final Fantasy games I've played (which is not nearly enough) except for 12. 12 sucked. seriously. Also Crystal Chronicles, but I don't even count that as a Final Fantasy game, it was so awful.

    Have you played 13 yet? It's epiccccc.

  2. I've not. People told me it wasn't that good. ;/ So, I've decided to get Alan Wake first. IDK though. ROFL. I may get it.