Friday, June 11, 2010

Achieving Greatness.

Today I achieved greatness. Out of pure boredom. I played Resident Evil 2, Claire A Scenario. I beat it in 2hrs & 40mins. I got an A ranking. ^_^; But I cheated. But I needed to do that so I can unlock the secret levels for my Let's Plays.

I really need to do something with my life. ROFL. I feel so useless. I just sit in my computer chair all day. Or in my recliner. Or I sleep.

But honestly.. I've not been able to sleep very well. I don't know what's up. Its usually VERY easy for me to go to sleep and to stay asleep. I seem to always be waking up, or I can't get to sleep. :(

Oh blah...

xx Laurie.

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