Thursday, January 5, 2012

2011 Round-Up!

In my previous blog, I wanted to convey my feelings about MCR. This year lead me to some amazing things this year with that band. May 11th. I was third in line for their first show in Atlanta since 2007 and my first MCR show since 2008 (total my fifth show.) I met some amazing people. A few days later on May 18th... I got to meet them and have an amazing experience at that show. They were the most amazing men I've ever met. Given this was the third time I'd met Frank, but this was my first time to meet the other guys and I met Gerard and Mikey first and they were amazing. Such a good time.

A few months later, I was invited to go with some friends (the lovely Frick & Frack) to see Mychem on the Honda Civic Tour on September 10th and September 11th (aka Mikey's Birthday Show (9/10) and the 10 Year Anniversary Show (9/11.)) It was the most amazing and bonding trip I've ever had. They played Skylines & Turnstiles on 9/11. Oh. My. God. A week later... Frack and I managed to meet the guys (Frack's first M&G.) The guys were so tired, but still very amazing. :)

Even though I've hit some bumps in the road... I wouldn't trade the amazing for anything. I can't wait for more adventures with my friends and I want to use this blog to talk about things more. I really wanna try this for real. xD