Thursday, June 10, 2010

I think it would be cool if I could be in a horror video game...

Like.. I would like to be able to just once be in a Survival Horror game, but like in real life. I've played so many, I think my own adventure would be cool. I suppose its due to my constant Let's Playing on YouTube.

I've just gotten back into Video Games. I have this brand new Xbox 360 and I feel like I am neglecting it. I think I will get Final Fantasy XIII or Alan Wake. And BioShock.

There is a lot of things I really want. I want the MCRmy back. I want MCR back. I want a new CD. I want to see them live again. I haven't seen them in 2 years. :( I didn't get to see Frank during the Reggie tour. Its funny. Frank is the last one I talked to. ROFL Although he is the only one. I miss my boys. :( I miss them hardcore.

I feel like I'm filling my MCR void will mini obsessions until they come back. But from a tweet Toro sent and the blog posted under Mikey, it seems they are getting closer to being finished.

I know people try to ignore the whole talk. But if MCR tours again... They do need a new drummer. I really hope James takes it or they offer it to him. He played drums in Coalesce. I think he's with The Get Up Kids again.. but I don't know. :( I just don't want it to be a douche. And I hope deep in my heart that whoever it is, learns Revenge & Bullets. I want to hear Bullets again. I haven't heard a Bullets song since... Warped 05. :( Our Lady Of Sorrows. Gerard said, "This song is about when I got stabbed in Kindergarten." LOL. It WOULD have been the snippet of Vampires they played on the very last tour they did, but at the show I went to... Gerard said, "Toro said we shouldn't play that Vampires bullshit for you guys, so instead we decided to play Desert Song." That was the most beautiful version of Desert Song I have ever heard. LOL.



xoxo Laurie.

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