Sunday, July 4, 2010

Today's Lesson: Awesome Foreign Music (Part 2)

Last time we talked about Foreign Music.. I talked about some Anime Opening themes that I liked.

This time I will move to actual singles from Japanese Pop Stars that I like. ^_^

So let's start this off with a song I just rediscovered. The song is called "Look Back Again" by Hitomi Yaida. I liked how the song was up beat and really happy. Plus the chorus is really catchy, I would catch myself singing just the chorus sometimes.

This next woman is VERY popular in Japan. She's amazingly beautiful and her voice is amazing. I have so many songs that I like from her. Her name is Ayumi Hamasaki. If you like anime, you'll recognize her as the voice behind the ending theme to InuYasha "Dearest." One of my favourite songs that she sings is called "EVOLUTION." The video is so awesome. Just watch for yourself.

Next is a singer who has actually released a pop album in the US. I started listening to her back in 2003. Her name is BoA*. You may recognize her as the voice behind the ending theme for the anime InuYasha "Minna no kimochi" or "EVERY HEART." However, she doesn't just sing in Japanese. She also releases singles in Korean & Chinese. This is an example of one of those songs. I absolutely love this song. Its from a band called "Tong Vfang Xien Qi" which I think is "Dong Bang Shin Gi" or "Dong Bang Shin Ki." I don't know for sure, they're from South Korea. (In Japan, they were called Tohoshinki.) This song is called "Tri-Angle" by Dong Bang Shin Ki feat BoA & Trax. I would also like to mention that these boys are very attractive. ROFL.

Next is a man, that I absolutely love. I have such an obsession with him sometimes. He's very popular. If you know ANYTHING about Jpop/Jrock you know Gackt. He used to be in the Gothicesque metal band Malice Mizer. Hearts.

Next is another band I like also. This band is called "Larc En Ciel." I like them. LOL. This song is called "READY STEADY GO!" which is from the anime "Fullmetal Alchemist" (Yes, I watched the first few episodes and I didn't care for it. LOL)

That's all for now. Please enjoy! Hearts.

xx Laurie.

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