Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I still like to take things from other people's blogs.

I stole this from Brigid.

1. Post 9 facts about your character - I'm doing this with my favourite D&D character I used to play with. ^_^ Laguna.
2. Tag 8 other characters.
3. Post their names with the creators avatars.
4. No tag backs :I

1) Laguna tries to be smooth with ladies, due to his devilish good looks, but completely fails due to his lack of common knowledge.

2) I based his actions and name from a character of the game Final Fantasy VIII. Only difference is that my Laguna is a Duelist (Originally a Swashbuckler & then epic leveled to eventually a Holy Being.)

3) He wanted to always be the captain of a ship. However, he was always belittled by the female Dark Paladin, forcing him to serve under her whenever they were on the sea.

4) He never liked fighting, but was very skilled with his Rapiers. (Later acquiring one of darkness and one of holiness, bringing them together to destroy himself, being reborn as a holy being able to wield both to destroy Cthulhu.)

5) He is a Pirate (Swashbuckler) and possesses a unique eye-patch, that helps him see into the ethereal plane.

6) He was the only one to survive the fight with Cthulhu, when he brought the two opposite rapiers together, the explosion killed his party members.

7) Like his Final Fantasy VIII counterpart, his leg cramps up when he is nervous. (Especially around attractive women.)

8) Most of his party hated him, especially the insane mage that insisted on sewing monster parts onto his own body.

9) If I rolled correctly, Laguna had the chance to end a fight in atleast two turns.

I don't wanna tag anyone. :P

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  1. You make me want to play Dungeons and Dragons so bad. I don't know anyone who's any good at being a Dungeon Master and it is laaame.